SCCA Flagrock Hillclimb

Here we are…..last hillclimb of the year with SCCA Appalachian HillClimb Series Presented by Summit Racing at Flagrock in Norton, VA, which is a brand new site for the series.
Had a great day yesterday making a quick run up in my ride for this weekend….Lance Dotson’s 2001 Miata! Lance, I can’t thank you enough for offering this co-drive to me in my time of need!!!
Car handles like a top and I haven’t driven anything this light in about 20 years!!
Learned a few pointers regarding Miatas yesterday….
1. don’t brake much if at all
2. stay in the lowest gear possible and
3. DON’T LIFT! 🤘🏻
This is going to be so different than my c6z but it’s going to be a hoot!!
I’ll update throughout the weekend as always!
Team Tracy Motorsport Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Inc. Backroads of Appalachia
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