Hyperfest Update!!!

HyperFest Update!!!
Finished up the TIRE RACK ULTIMATE TRACK CAR CHALLENGE around 12:30 today with the Knock Out Finals…unfortunately I had just finished Thunder qualifying 30 minutes before (P2 in SU) in the rain and had no time to change back to Hoosier Racing Tire A7’s…..Yes the track dried amazingly fast within the two sessions as the ☀️ decided to show and so I ran the finals trying to hit the “wet spots” on the track to keep those rain tires from chunking….🤯. Needless to say not my fastest laps here.
The Thunder Race this afternoon was chaotic….lots of offs. What’s new right? Well I survived it unscathed and ended up P5 out of 9 drivers in Super Unlimited. Very fast competition with those big boys and I am very proud of how we did.

I’ve included a link to this post to my recent Grassroots Motorsports Magazine interview on their youtube channel. It’s informative about my start in motorsports and about what I’m trying to do with Team Tracy Motorsport.
Check it out on my youtube channel!


Qualifying early tomorrow at 8:55 and race at 12:20. Follow along on Race Hero app!!

Big shoutout to Bob Lewis for his help with all the tire changes today due to crazy unpredictable weather!! Great having your support! 🌧☀️🌧

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