Exciting new partnership between Team Tracy Motorsport and Race Ramps!!

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About 10 days ago I announced that I had some great things happening and well….this is the first of those announcements!!!
Sorry for the delay! 😉
I am beyond thrilled to announce the partnership between Team Tracy Motorsport and Race Ramps!!

I have used Race Ramps since I bought my open tilt trailer in 2008 and got to talking with Eric Lucas at PRI in 2019 at the Race Ramps booth about a couple issues I had as my other trailer was pretty hard on those ramps. He remedied the situation and made me some sturdier ramps and they worked great!
Fast forward to now….That beautiful Max The Tach V inTech Trailers needed taller ramps and more of a subtle incline as to not get my splitter caught. I just received these new ramps and tried them out tonight after work and they are AWESOME! No issue at all loading now and no damage to the front of the car. Didn’t even get close!! I am looking at getting a bigger splitter next year and with the extra room on these ramps I am thinking they will still work great!
Race Ramps truly are the best and thank you so much for being there for Team Tracy Motorsport!

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